Boat Fishing In Essex

Jon A.K.A. Captain Small is the skipper of Jolly Roger a fully licensed fishing boat in Essex.

If you want to enjoy a day out in Essex on the water then climb aboard the Jolly Roger for a day trip of sea fishing in Essex.

What happens on a typical Boat Fishing Trip?

Climb aboard the twin hull catamaran with twin engines and the first thing you will notice is the amount of space in the rear of the boat and secondly and more importantly the happy and heartfelt welcome aboard by Jon.  You are made to feel part of the family and you can enjoy the enthusiasm Jon imparts as he tells you about the previous day’s fishing or the previous week.

Grant, or another of Jon’s helpers will then make you a cup of tea or coffee which you can enjoy as you motor out to the fishing spot and if you are a regular customer then you can even have some input into the chosen destination depending upon the species of fish you want to catch but for first timers or beginners the important thing is to make sure you catch some fish and that is what Jon does his best to do.

One you reach your fishing mark you can get straight into fishing with the supplied rods and reels and a selection of bait including squid, rag worm, lug worm, peeler crab, mackerel or herring depending upon the time of year and targeted fish species.

Then just enjoy a relaxing day fishing and don’y worry about it being boring – Jon will keep you entertained for hours and inspire a group environment where everybody is included and ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your day of boat fishing in Essex.