Few days

The last few days we had got out the weather was fantastic the fishing was great lots of skate up to 11 pounds some nice size whiting big dabs lots of dogs as well as a rocking and a nice tub Gurnard all this just a few miles out .

“Gurnard are a small predatory demersal fish, found around most of the British Isles. They are a distinctive looking fish, with a number of unique features. They have a large head which is armoured and spines around the body to defend themselves. They also have feelers under the head which they use to ‘walk’ along the seabed. Gurnard also have large pectoral fins which they use to ‘fly’ through the sea. This method of swimming has led to gurnard being called sea robins throughout much of the rest of the world. An alternative name is feeler fish due to the sensory organs they walk on. The gurnard has a muscle which it can drum against its swim bladder to make a croaking or grunting noise. Gurnard are thought to communicate with each other in this way. Often they will make the noise when they have been caught, leading to another alternative name of croaker.”

Anyway – here are some picturesjolly11

Dab man

Dab man

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